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Custom Residential Construction

Sherwood Inc. General Constructor

Eric Sherwood Custom Residential Construction

Transforming Houses into Dream Homes

Throughout Napa Valley and Sonoma

We understand that a home is more than just a place to live—its a personal sanctuary, a space for family, and a reflection of personal style.

We pride ourselves in providing professional execution, and communicating closely between client, architect and designer, while also offering architectural services, along with custom design, being at the forefront of every project we undertake.

The Art of Custom Design:

How Sherwood Inc. Enhances Homes


Providing and executing custom design is at the heart of Eric Sherwood Construction and its residential renovation services. Eric Sherwood excels at brainstorming and strategizing throughout every project.

Especially regarding unique design elements. We work closely with clients to understand their vision while enhancing their existing homes and bringing that vision to life. Eric Sherwood Construction can make it happen, whether it's a unique architectural feature, a specific layout, or a particular style.

Overcoming Challenges: Expertise in

Problem-Solving for Complex Renovations


In the world of high-end residential renovation, challenges are inevitable.


But Eric Sherwood Construction views these challenges as opportunities to showcase those skills. Our experience is the ability to work through any unforeseen and/or complex infrastructure situations.

We approach each project with the same fervor, energy and a can-do attitude, with the same commitment to finding the best solution, no matter how complex the problem.

The Meehan Residence in Napa:

A Showcase of Residential Renovation Expertise


One of Eric Sherwood Construction's favorite projects was the Meehan Residence in Napa. This project was a labor of love, combining the owner’s former life in the New Orleans Garden District with their
life in Napa Valley.


The home was extensively remodeled, transforming a traditional family home into a resort-like, airy atmosphere. The design included a large-event prep kitchen and a separate family kitchen, creating a perfect blend of functionality and style.


This project is a testament to Eric Sherwood Construction's ability to transform homes through renovation, making them beautiful, deeply personal, and reflective of their client's lifestyles.

Sherwood Inc., dba EricSherwood Construction,

is not just about building and renovating homes:


We're about providing a professional team, building relationships, while providing and maintaining quality communication, transparency and delivering the goods.

At the end of the day, we feel if a client would hire us again, then we've performed to their expectations and have done their job right.

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