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Custom Commercial Construction

Sherwood Inc. General Constructor

Eric Sherwood Custom Commercial Construction

Turning Business Spaces into Brand

Statements in Napa Valley and Sonoma

Sherwood Inc., dba Eric Sherwood Construction, under the guidance of Eric Sherwood; Is a master at turning commercial spaces into unique business environments. Recognizing that a commercial space is more than just a place to conduct business. Eric Sherwood Construction sees it as a reflection of a
brand's identity and a hub for creativity and collaboration.

Eric Sherwood's Signature:

Crafting High-End Commercial Spaces


High-end commercial renovations and additions are Eric Sherwood Construction's forte. By focusing on the minutest details, they ensure that projects stay on course and schedule. Eric Sherwood's expertise in diverse and complex design applications shines through in every commercial project, whether it's remodeling an entire dining area or undertaking multi-tenant improvement projects.

Showcasing Success: The Stories Behind Ellman

Family Vineyards and CAMi Art + Wine Gallery


Eric Sherwood Construction's portfolio includes remarkable commercial projects like the Ellman Family Vineyards tasting room in downtown Napa, and CAMi Art + Wine Gallery in Calistoga.


These projects are a testament to their ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. The blend of functionality and style in these spaces reflects the essence of Eric Sherwood Construction's commercial renovation expertise.

Challenges Met with Mastery: Eric Sherwood's

Approach to Complex Commercial Renovations


In the demanding world of commercial construction, challenges are part of the process. However, Eric Sherwood Construction sees these challenges as opportunities to demonstrate their unparalleled problem-solving abilities. Their positivity with collaboration and commitment to finding the
best solutions, no matter how intricate the problem, set them apart in the industry.

More Than Bricks and Mortar: Building

Relationships with Eric Sherwood Construction


Eric Sherwood Construction is not just about constructing and renovating commercial spaces; It's about forging lasting relationships. Known for their transparency, pride in providing consistent communication, meeting expectations, and providing the collaboration needed to deliver.


It's their unwavering commitment to the client, the project and the team, that they pride themselves on. At the close of business, if a client would hire them again, Eric Sherwood Construction knows they've provided the results expected.

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